Cenzaa Wellness Expert

Advanced Skincare30min€39,50
Skin Discovery Treatment met luxe Discovery Kit45min€99,00
For Men60min€49,50
Intake 15min€0,00

Cosmedical Therapist

Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion 60min€79,50
Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion kuur6 behandelingen €449,00

Cenzaa Skin Therapist

Micro-Needling Therapy60min€82,50
Micro-Needling Therapy kuur6 behandelingen€469,00
Energy Bootcamp45min€59,50
Energy Bootcamp kuur4 behandelingen€199,00
Derma Peel Therapy60min€89,50
Derma Peel Therapy kuur6 behandelingen€425,00
Botuline Beauty Treatment90min€99,95
Acne & Clearify Therapy60min€79,50
Rosacea & Couperose Therapy60min€90,00
Control your Skin kuur (couperose/rosacea)6 behandelingen€335,00
Eye Beauty Flash30min€45,00
Eye Beauty Flash kuur5 behandelingen€255,00
Fabulous Eyes30min€45,00
Fabulous Eyes kuur5 behandelingen€225,00
Firming & Repair Therapy hals & décollete30min€45,00
Firming & Repair Therapy kuur4 behandelingen €180,00

Cenzaa Upgrades

Upgrade Diamond Touch15min€35,00
Upgrade Micro-Needling met ampul15min€35,00
Upgrade Dermapeel Fruitzuren15min€24,95
Upgrade Bindweefsel massage15min€15,00
Upgrade Cupping massage15min€15,00
Upgrade Intense Firming ampul€7,50
Upgrade Acne & Clearify ampul€7,50
Upgrade Rosacea & Couperose ampul€7,50
Upgrade Whitening & Brightening ampul€7,50
Upgrade Botuline Beauty Therapy Face20min€19,95
Upgrade Botuline Look Therapy Eye20min€9,95
Upgrade Modelage Masq20min€19,95
Upgrade Couperose & Rosacea Masq20min€19,95
Upgrade NutriCare Gold Masq20min€19,95
Upgrade Eye Contour Masq15min€14,95
AHA Contouring Masq voor hals décollete15min€14,95

Cenzaa Seasons

RYKJVK The Journey60min€69,50
RYKJVK Allure of the Lagoon90min€99,50

VI Peel en PRX-T33 Peel

Vi Peel Regular (anti-aging)30min€199,00
VI Peel Purify Precision Plus (acne en littekens)30min€299,00
VI Peel Purify (acne)30min€199,00
VI Peel Precision Plus (pigmentatie)30min€299,00
VI Peel Precision (anti-aging incl. hals/décolleté)30min€249,00
PRX-T33 Peel30min€99,00
PRX-T33 Peel kuur4 behandelingen incl. 2 cremes€425,00

Wenbrauwen en Wimpers

Epileren 10min€10,00
Verven wenkbrauwen of wimpers 10min€7,50
Verven wenkbrauwen en wimpers 10min€10,00
Brow Shaping & Tinting30min€20,00
Henna Brows & Shaping30min€29,95
Lash Volume Lift 75min€57,50


Harsen wenkbrauwen5min€10,00
Harsen bovenlip5min€10,00
Harsen bovenlip en kin/kaak5min€15,00
Harsen neusharen10min€10,00
Harsen onderbenen met knie15min€20,00
Harsen hele benen30min€35,00
Harsen onderarmen 15min€20,00
Harsen hele armen30min€35,00
Harsen bikinilijn30min€20,00
Harsen borst of buik15min€20,00
Harsen borst en buik30min€30,00
Harsen onderrug of bovenrug15min€20,00
Harsen hele rug30min€30,00
Harsen oksels15min€20,00


Dag make-up30min€25,00
Proef make-up voor bruiden60min€40,00
Bruidsmake-up incl. proefmake-up60min€80,00


Ontspanningsmassage rug30min€29,50
Ontspanningsmassage rug en benen60min€55,00
Ontspanningsmassage full body90min€72,50
Hotstone massage60min€59,50


Pedicure Plus+60min€37,50
Pedicure met lakken60min€34,00
Pedicure Plus+ met lakken60min€42,50
Pedicure met gellak60min€45,00
Pedicure Plus+ met gellak75min€55,00
Pedicure met schimmelnagelbehandeling60min€55,00
Pedicure met schimmelnagelbehandeling en gellak90min€69,50
extra tijdper 15min€7,50

Pedicure losse behandelingen

Nagels lakken30min€15,00
Gellak verwijderen10min€10,00
Schimmelnagel behandeling 1 tot 2 tenen20min€17,50
Schimmelnagel behandeling beide voeten45min€35,00
Nagels knippen15min€10,00
Ingegroeide nagel behandelen 15min€17,00
Likdoorn verwijderen15min€17,00
Cryotherapie voetwratten5min€17,50

Medisch Pedicure

Reuma Artritis30min€32,50
Diabetes Mellitus30min€32,50
met lakken45min€37,50
met gellak45min€52,50


Manicure Plus+60min€37,50
Manicure met gellak60min€45,00
Manicure Plus+ met gellak60min€55,00
Manicure met paraffine bad45min€35,00

Manicure losse behandelingen

Nagels lakken 30min€15,00
Nagels lakken french30min€20,00
Gellak french45min€34,50
Gellak verwijderen afweken60min€15,00
Paraffine bad20min€14,95
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